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Welcome to Ni-Nick-Nickelodeon, the club for fans of the Old School Nickelodeon. Are you a child of the 90's? If you are, chances are you have at least one favorite Old School Nick show. Remember when Clarissa could explain it all? Or remember being afraid of the dark? Did you ever want to spend the summer at a dude ranch or salute your shorts at summer camp? Are you a Rugrat or have a football shaped head? Was SNick the hilight of your week? Then this is definately the place for you!

:star:Everyone is welcome to join. Please bear in mind club rules: 1)Play nice with everyone and 2) We are a family-friendly group. No deviations with a mature tag or above a PG rating is allowed; they will be declined. Thanks.

Lately there has been a flood of submissions featuring Nick Toons that fall outside of the classic era of Nickelodeon. I don't like have to reject submissions or let them expire, but I am getting tired of the influx current Nickelodeon shows. This is NOT a general Nick group, which should be obvious, I hope.

As it stands, for those members who continue to submit artwork that is outside of the classic era your works will be rejected.

If one of your pieces is rejected and you don't know why, check Compendium of Classic Nick ShowsThis page is under construction. We're collecting a list of every Nick show from 1979 to 2000. Eventually we will have Spotlight On features for every show if possible. Each Spotlight On will contain information about the show, where to buy it on DVD (if applicable), where to buy merchandise (if possible), and where to watch online as well as websites.
You may notice that some shows have been left out or added to this list that fall outside the dates of classic Nickelodeon. For example: Invader Zim began in 2001, but is largely regarded a classic show and is so included. Others like Fairly Odd Parents which began as a part of Oh Yeah! Cartoons in 1998, didn't become a series until 2001 and is excluded. This is done for multiple reasons, one of which is to avoid a large amount of submissions to one category.
A Walk in Your Shoes
Adventures of Black Beauty
Adventures of Pete & Pete
Adventures of the Little Koala
Against the Odds
All That
Allegra's Window
Aaah! Real Monster
If the show in your work is not on this list, then you'll have your answer. As always any deviations above PG or deemed questionable will be rejected as well.

I hope in the future to get back to W2W: Where to Watch features and update the old ones whose content is no longer on YouTube. Someone has notified me of a new online place to watch classic Nick. As soon as I get a chance to check it out and get more info on it, I'll pass it along to everyone.

The 90s Are All That is presenting a special Valentine's week worth of episodes.

Although not original Nickelodeon shows, fans of Full House and Hangin' with Mr. Cooper might be interested to know that both shows are being currently aired on Nickelodeon. HwMC is on in the mornings with FH on in the evening. Check your local listings for time and channel. :D

Updated: Look for the :new: icon for recently updated items.

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Ever wonder how slime and Nickelodeon became synonymous? YCDTOTV is the show that started the slime. The show's trademark green slime prank was introduced in 1979. When a cast member said "I don't know" they were slimed.  When Nickelodeon began to air the show they owned the rights to the slime and renamed it "Nickelodeon Slime". As we know, slime became a trademark image for Nickelodeon and a whole marketing and merchandising campaign was built around it. There was Green Slime Shampoo, Slime, and Gak. During the ’90s. Nickelodeon's former studios in Orlando had a green slime geyser. And there was, of course, Slime Time Live. 90s kids dreamed of being covered in green goo!

Premiere: February 3, 1979

Finale: May 25, 1990

Seasons: 10


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YCDTOTV was originally a low-budget variety show out of Ottawa, Canada. The show consisted of comedy skits, music videos,  and live phone-in contests in which the viewer could win a variety of prizes  such as transistor radios, record albums, model kits, etc. Also included were performances by local disco dancers and special guests such as cartoonist Jim Unger. Every week the show took its "Roving Camera" to hangouts around town, recording kids' jokes or complaints about life, which would be played on the following week's broadcast. The show was also connected with Ottawa radio station CFGO whose DJ Jim Johnson emceed the disco dance segments and share tidbits about the artists featured in the music videos played on the show. Veteran comedian Les Lye played numerous recurring characters and was initially the only adult to perform in the show's sketches. When needed, the older kids in the cast played adult characters.
Originally, YCDTOTV was a Saturday morning program for kids. In spite of the show’s success  the studio masters for the first season episodes no longer exist which means that all but three of the episodes from  the season were lost. However, in early 2013  the missing episodes from that season were contributed by Roger Price and posted on YouTube.

Life on Nickelodeon
In 1981 Nickelodeon aired a handful of episodes in edited half-hour form in a trial run. In 1982, Nickelodeon began airing the entire edited season. In 1984 YCDTOTV became Nickelodeon's highest-rated television program.
Surprisingly, the opposite was happening in Canada. By 1985, after a steady decline in the ratings, YCDTOTV was only seen once a week. It wasn’t until 1989, that the show began to get the same type of exposure that it was receiving in the US when it moved from CTV to YTV.

Both the 1987 and 1990 season were short- five episodes each. One of the five shows produced in 1987, “Adoption”, was banned in the in the US after being shown twice as it proved to be too controversial. In Canada, both “Adoption” and “Divorce” were banned.
The 1981 season was supposed to be shown for a hyped final time in 1985. However, showings continued into 1987 but were few and far between. At this time, Nickelodeon’s 6 year contract to air the ’81 season was ending in 1987.  The network chosen not to renew the license as they were beginning to shift their demographic focus to a younger audience.
The show dropped from it’s #1 spot to #5 in ’89 and ’90, leading to the show’s demise and an end to production. Nickelodeon continued air YCDTOTV on the weekends until 1994.

Selected Sketches
Pre-empted shows - Starting with the 1982 season, the each show began with a title card appearing that showed a parody title of a TV show with a silly picture and the announcer declaring: "(TV show) will not be seen today in order for us to bring you this (adjective in character with the picture) production." The pre-empted shows were parodies of current TV shows, movies, or other pop culture icons were often relevant to the theme of the current YCDTOTV episode.
Opening animation: The Children's Television Sausage Factory-  In the opening animation sequence kids are "processed" in the "sausage factory" and deposited onto a school bus at the bottom of the factory that transports them to the TV station. This animation featured the likenesses of Jonothan Gebert, Kevin Somers, Marc Baillon and Christine McGlade exiting the school bus and a likeness of Les Lye as the security guard at the door of the TV studio.  The ending of the introduction saw Lye's face in a sketch with his mouth opening up, leading to a stamp put on his face reading You Can't Do That on Television, followed by the screen cracking and finally splitting in 2 pieces which the cast are seen. The sequence was set to Rossini's William Tell Overture performed in a Dixieland jazz arrangement by The National Press Club and Allied Workers Jazz Band.

Opposites - Each episode had an "opposites" segment, introduced by a visual effect of the screen flipping upside down, shifting left to fade to the next sketch, and then righting itself. Right before this happened, one of the cast would generally be giving a monologue or a group would be engaged in a conversation that was interrupted by another cast member with something that would be the opposite of what the monologue or dialogue was about. The cast member(s) would say, "It must be the introduction to the opposites". The inversion fade would happen and several sketches would follow that were a tongue-in-cheek reversal of the show's subject of the day and the normal principles of daily life were reversed.
Firing squad - Most episodes included one or more firing squad sketches  where Les would play the part of a Latin American military officer preparing to order a firing squad to execute one of the kid actors who were standing in front of a post. The kids would usually find a way to trick the Executioner into walking in front of the post and saying the word "fire", thus getting shot by the firing squad himself. Most of the time, the cast member would be successful; however, occasionally, Lye's character would "successfully" complete the scene. On these occasions, the scene would end with "Ready, Aim..." and the cast member flinching, which is when the squad would fire, but it wasn't shown.
Barth's Burgers Most episodes featured sketches with the kids eating at Barth's, a fast-food burger restaurant ran by Barth, a chain-smoking, unpleasant, disgusting cook who used unsanitary and questionable methods of creating burgers. Most of the sketches would begin with Barth giving the kids their orders, the kids hesitant on eating their food, Barth telling them what he used as burger meat, and the kids growing queasy and eventually throwing up. Some sketches featured Barth worried about the health inspector shutting down his restaurant and telling the kids how he was going to solve the problem. On rare occasions, the kids would actually enjoy their meal and be satisfied only to find out Barth mistakenly gave them the wrong order. Barth would demand the kids to give back their food.

Locker jokes - During the "locker jokes" segment of each episodes, cast members, standing inside school lockers with the words "You Can't Do That on Television" painted on them, would tell jokes to each other. The person telling the joke would open their locker, sticking his or her head out to call another cast member to tell the joke to. For the duration of the joke, those cast members would be the only ones seen with open lockers. When the punch line was delivered, there would be a laugh track and the actors would close their lockers, allowing the process to start again with different people and a different joke. This feature of the show was also introduced during its first season in 1979 and continued until the end of the series in 1990.
Production Company The closing credits of YCDTOTV are followed by an announcement of the "company" that produced the program with the name generally tying in with the episode's main subject. These announcements are given in the form of "'You Can't Do That on Television' is a ______ production." The announcement of the production company was generally followed by one final sketch, usually taking place on the link set.

Water - When someone said the word "water" or "wet", a large amount of water would mysteriously pour onto him or her from above. On occasion, cast members would try to "dodge" getting hit with water by saying the word in Spanish or French, only to still get hit with water.
Slime Like the water fall, when someone said "I don't know" green slime would pour on him or her from above. This is where getting "slimed” originated. Although the slime was usually green, other colors such as red, blue, yellow, and even black and white were used. On the show, the recipe for green slime was treated as a closely guarded secret. The kids tried to find out recipe but their attempts were all unsuccessful. In some episodes cast members theorized about what slime really was.

Pies- The classic pie-in-the-face gag was also frequently used on YCDTOTV, although pie scenes were most common during the early years of the show. Unlike the slime and water, pies were not triggered by any certain word or phrase.

Cast: Over 100 child actors appeared on YCDTOTV between 1979 and 1990. Some of the most notable cast members included Alanis Morissette

2002 & 2004 Reunions

SlimeCon hosted the first of two official cast reunions and fan conventions of the show. The three-day event reunited the cast and crew for the very first time since the show wrapped production in 1990, and invited the fans along for the ride. SlimeCon took place in the studios of CJOH-TV in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, home to the show's entire production run. In July 2004, a reunion special called Project 131 was produced at CJOH-TV starring five members of the original cast. These included Brodie Osome, Marjorie Silcoff, Vanessa Lindores, Justin Cammy, and Alasdair Gillis.

In January 2007, the special was released on YouTube. On July 5, 2011 Createspace released the SlimeCon DVDs on
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:bulletorange:YCDTOTV: Anything you want to know about this classic show can be found on this comprehensive site- from cast bios and where are they now, to episode guides and merchandise- it’s all here!
:bulletgreen: YCDTOTV on Facebook

:bulletorange: Barth’s Burgery
:bulletgreen: So You Think You Can't Do That on Television?

Episode Guide: YCDTOTV Episode Guide by Year

Merchandise Available:

Offical current merchandise: SlimeCon’s YCDTOTV Shirts


:bulletorange: None at this time

:bulletgreen: Vol. 1 @ Amazon Instant Video :new:
:bulletorange: Vol. 2 @ Amazon Instant Video :new:
:bulletgreen: SlimeCon 2002 Reunion:
:bulletorange: SlimeCon 2004 Reunion:
:bulletgreen: You Can’t Do That on Film:

Watch Online:

:star: You can watch a playlist of a the complete series HERE.

Project 131 Reunion Special

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